Truck stolen from body shop, totaled

Truck stolen from shop, totaled

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Garrick Spence dropped off his 2007 Dodge Cummins at an auto body shop in January.

“Oil change and check the transmission cause it was having some issues. And they said they would replace the transmission. So, I went to the bank and got the money. The next day I went over to give them the money and the truck was gone,” says Spence.

He thought it was a joke, until a friend called giving him disturbing news.

“Well you need to get an attorney because your truck is being mud-rode in and it’s on Snapchat,” says Spence.

Police caught the suspect in the act, thanks to location settings on Snapchat. Spence says the brakes were shot, the transmission wouldn’t shift at all and the rear had been backed into a tree. Blake Hamric’s truck was at that same shop and was also stolen.

“Had it totaled, the sheriff’s officer was sitting there with the suspects in custody at the time he called me and said my truck was stuck in a creek and doesn’t know how long it had been there,” says Hamric.

Attorney Roger Appell says, before you leave your car, ask the shop about their insurance and if it will cover loss of vehicle. But also make sure your insurance does too.

“A lot of these smaller companies may not have insurance to cover this. And they may not be liable, if someone just comes in and actually steals your vehicle and they’ve tried to protect your vehicle as best they can, then they may not be liable at all for the theft because it was an unforeseen situation. So you really need to make sure that your insurance will cover this kind of loss,” says Roger Appell.

The suspect charged with stealing these trucks is a relative of the shop owner, and someone they knew…and something they didn’t expect.

“I was furious. Livid. Like I said, me and him were friends. I never would have thought something like this would happen from a buddy to a buddy,” says Spence.

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