No more new construction permits for West Homewood district until October

West Homewood construction moratorium

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Homewood's city council voting 11-0 to pass a 120-day moratorium on issuing new construction permits in the district.

The city council president said the recent controversial town home development near Patriot Park sparked the conversation about the moratorium.

“There seems to be an almost universal opposition to multi-family housing. It’s a good time to just take a breath and let’s look at options and possibilities,” said council president Bruce Limbaugh.

He said the intent is to get input from residents and other council members to determine changes they want to make as far a regulations and zoning codes in that district.

Bruce Limbaugh
Bruce Limbaugh

“The West Homewood District was established in 2015. Admittedly, I was a part of that council,” said Limbaugh. “We think, perhaps, we could have done a better job than we did. And so we want to go back and review what the requirements, and I hesitate to use the word restrictions, but what the requirements were for that particular time.”

Limbaugh said the moratorium is for new construction, not for renovations.

He said they’ll submit changes they want to make to the planning and development committee meeting next Monday.

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