Folks in Shelby Co. worried about card skimming

Credit card skimmers strike in Shelby County

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Thankfully, adding those little chips on your cards has really helped to protect you.

The sheriffs office says crooks are finding ways to force you to swipe instead of inserting the chip.

Captain Jay Fandren with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office say that they have seen these cases in Shelby County before, but that it is very rare. Deputies still ask folks to protect their information.

“I would say each time before you use your card take a second to look at the device that you’re scanning it in. Most of the cards these days have the chip which are very secure," he explains. "However you probably seen it where someone puts the sign on there that says the chip reader doesn’t work. So in that case I would be a little bit more aware of what you’re using and maybe touch it to make sure that it is secure before you swipe.”

And it’s not just skimming. There are a lot of ways thieves can get your credit card information.

“It could be from someone taking a picture of your card and then selling it to someone else in another state,” Fandren explains.

If you do suspect your information what stolen locally please notify police so they can investigate.

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