Deck collapse victim’s family preparing to take legal action

Deck collapse victims family attorney speaks

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The attorney for the mother of 3-year-old Titus Hubbard says they are preparing to take legal action.

Hubbard was killed Tuesday June 4th when the deck he was standing on collapsed.

"Devastated. This has been a horrible event for her,” said attorney Doug Dellaccio, with Cory Watson Attorneys. “And as you can imagine, this has been difficult for her to work through.”

Even though Dellaccio’s group has not been able to inspect the site, because it has been taped off, he feels the collapse was preventable.

“It almost has to be some negligence for a deck to collapse. It means something went wrong,” he said. “We feel like the lack of an inspection is what may have led the negligence that caused the collapse.”

Dellaccio says Titus did not live at the home, but was there celebrating a family’s members birthday party.

“We’ve now learned that the home was a rental home, and there is a landlord,” said Dellaccio.

He adds they are still trying to confirm the company’s name.

WBRC also looked at tax records and could not determine the company’s name either.

"Give them the opportunity to do the right thing. Come forward and take responsibility. And we will hold them accountable for that action,” said Dellaccio.

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