Jacksonville PD warns of “spoof” calls claiming to be from the IRS, JPD itself

IRS spoofing warning in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Ala. (WBRC) - Jacksonville Police are warning the public about scammers claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service... and from the Jacksonville PD itself.

Police Chief Marcus Wood says several nearby residents received calls in which the callback number on their cell phones was the IRS help line, but the actual call was not.

They're told they owe back taxes.

Wood says in one case, a woman received one such call and told the caller she was outside the Jacksonville Police Department.

She said the caller hung up, then called from a number that appeared as the Jacksonville Police warning they had a warrant out for her arrest. But they didn’t.

And the call, despite the caller ID identifying it as coming from the Jacksonville Police Department, did not originate there.

"Anytime the IRS has any types of dealings with anyone, they will do that through either garnishments or some type of civil course paperwork that usually the deputy sheriffs or the sheriff's office delivers," Wood told WBRC.

Wood says the callers are often ordered by the scammers to go to Walmart to buy a green dot or Western Union cash card.

He says the real IRS will never do that, and his department will never call someone saying they have a warrant on behalf of the IRS.

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