Brookside PD gets help making drug arrests

Multiple drug arrests on busy highway

BROOKSIDE, AL (WBRC) - There was another drug bust this weekend on I-22.

The Brookside police have been so busy looking for drug dealers on that interstate that the city council is giving them some help. The city council voted last week to give the unit more officers and vehicles.

I-22 remains a busy highway. The traffic from Memphis connecting to Atlanta has landed a number of drug arrests.

Saturday two people were arrested. The narcotics unit found marijuana, drug paraphernalia, prescription drugs and a lot of cash.

Another drug arrest also found a stolen AR-15 from Shelby County. The success of the unit lead the Brookside City Council to approve the hiring of four new officers and four new vehicles.

One SUV is already on hand. The department believes its sending a strong message not to bring drugs on the interstate in their town.

“That is absolutely the message we intend to send. We have zero tolerance for criminal activity. We hope the word gets out and I think we have done a good job getting that word out,” Lt. James Savelle said.

Expect the other vehicles and new officers to be on the beat soon. Also don’t let the fact the city is under 19,000 fool you. They can’t write speeding tickets, but they can pull you over for suspected drug activity.

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