Magic City Theatre Festival offers new Alice in Wonderland Adaptation for FREE

Magic City Theatre Festival offers new Alice in Wonderland Adaptation for FREE

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Birmingham Children’s Theatre wants everyone to experience live theater this summer, and is offering a *free* production of Alice in Wonderland.

The 80 minute adaptation was co-written by the executive artistic director of the Birmingham Children’s Theatre and Luke Schares, and is designed for children and adults alike.

“It’s got lots of music, it’s very athletic, very physical,” says Brandon Bruce, the Executive Artistic Director Birmingham Children's Theater. “It’s great for everyone in the family. It’s really exciting, high octane fun.”

The adaptation is being performed live at the Riverchase Galleria father’s day weekend. This after an opening performance at Sloss Furnace.

“It’s tailored for the venue,” explains Bruce, which makes it unlike any other adaption out there. “Our focus is on the fun, the whimsical, the lightheartedness of it.”

It’s not just written for children either.

“We at the Birmingham Children’s Theatre our main goal has always been to do theater for young audiences. This show is really meant for family audiences. There is a difference between young audiences and family audiences. If it’s specifically just for children, then it’s just for children. This is for everybody”

The recommended age for attendance is five and up because the play is 80 minutes long, but everyone is welcome. Bruce says it’s important for young children, and adults alike, to be exposed to theater, especially in today’s world.

“I think it’s important for children to be exposed to theater because theater is immediate its write in front of you. It’s a 4,000 year old art form,” explains Bruce. “Its necessary because in this day and age when we are all glued to our phones. When I was growing up it was television. We keep getting further distanced from each other because of our technology. Theater does exactly the opposite of that. Its immediate, its in front of you. If the audience laughs a lot then the actors will give them a strong performance. As much as you are going to see actors perform in front of you, they are also listening to you, they are feeding off of what you give to them.”

The theater will be set up in the food court near the carousel. Performances will run Thursday June 14th through Sunday June 16th. There will be 300 first come first serve seats.

You can find more information on the Birmingham Children’s Theatre website.

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