Heat and dry weather taking a toll on crops

B'ham farmers market needs rain

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Rain is on the way and farmers who sell vegetables at the Alabama Farmer’s Market hope so because it has been a struggle to keep up with customer demand.

Tameka Vickery is visiting the Alabama Farmer’s Market from Haleyville. Vickery has been coming here since she was 7 years old.

“We always had good quality stuff from here. Nothing is ever bad. It’s a real positive place. It’s usually upbeat. A lot of people here,” Vickery said.

But the vegetables at the farmer’s market have taken a hit lately because of three weeks of hot, dry weather.

“Size, color, quality - and we are starting to run out of stuff because of the heat and dry weather. We desperately need the rain,” Jonathan Clayton, a Cullman County farmer said.

Clayton said the amount of vegetables for sale is down about 20% because of the weather. Without rain, that could increase to about 60% in another week. Clayton has a farm in Cullman County and he said rain will help.

“It should be great for farmers right now. We really need it. We are starting to run out of stuff. In three or four weeks, there won’t be any local produce to buy here,” Clayton said.

Rain will change that. If Alabama gets rain for the next few days and for the next few weeks, it should help farmers make it through the summer.

Customers said this would be great news. “We will be really glad to get more rain, more crop, more business for the area,” Vickery said.

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