How to protect yourself this tick season

Know the symptoms for tick bites

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Doctors say this is the time of year that you need to be on the look-out for ticks.

“Summertime is the high season for tick bites in Alabama so now is the time to be aware of what to look for,” said Dr. Stephen Russell, UAB Medicine Leeds.

Russell adds that it’s a good idea to check yourself and your kids when you come inside.

“You should be able to remove it just by putting a pair of tweezers at the site of the tick bite and the skin, and simply lifting up,” he said.

However, even after getting the tick off you, make sure you don’t have any ill effects from the bite.

You’ve probably heard of Lyme disease, but in Alabama that’s not the only thing ticks can bring.

“There is a specific tick borne illness that we see in Alabama, called STARI, Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness, which we don’t see in many other places around the county,” said Russell.

Scientists are continuing to discover more tick related illnesses around the world.

Just recently a new one was discovered in one part of China. That illness does seem to be contained to that one region. However it’s a good reminder you don’t always have to know the name of the illness, to know you need help.

“You notice that there is a rash or you are having some other symptoms that have you worried, fever, chills, or what we call systemic symptoms, that just don’t make you feel very well,” said Russell.

If you’re going to be in the woods, its best to wear long sleeves and use bug spray that contains deet.

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