Building a safe career as a construction worker

VIDEO; Constructure Working Safety

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Can you name a big-time city that is not undergoing a lot of construction? Birmingham is no different than most cities across the United States or the world undergoing a lot of building or renovation, it kind of goes with the territory. HOAR Construction is a general contracting business that is located in Birmingham, but does work all over America. One of the company’s workers is Chris Torbert, a job site project superintendent.

“I have been doing construction since I was 16, learning it from my dad,” said Torbert. “One thing I have learned over the years in this business is that speed can hurt you, it takes slowing down and formulating a plan before starting to work for the day. In other words, be safe than sorry.”

Torbert is helping with the campus-wide upgrade at the Lakeshore Foundation in Birmingham. He allowed WBRC to visit and see what it takes to do the job and remain safe on the job site. HOAR Construction is a privately held company located at Two Metroplex Drive, Suite 400, Birmingham, AL 35209. You can reach them at 205-803-2121.

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