Riverkeeper group tests for E-Coli in nearly 20 locations along the Cahaba River

Summer water quality

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC)- As Memorial Day weekend approaches, Cahaba Riverkeeper David Butler and his team have been testing water quality at nearly 20 recreational access points along the river. They want to make sure the water is safe for swimming.

The good news? Most areas in the Cahaba River are safe to swim. But there are a few places where caution is necessary.

The riverkeeper group found high levels of e-coli near Elder Street close to Irondale this week . A “do not swim alert” has been issued there. Moderate levels of e-coli were found at Old Overton Road and Jemison Park. There’s a cautionary swim alert at those locations.

"Which just means that people should just be careful if they have cuts or any open sores. Just be careful. Make sure to clean it out,” Butler said.

A lot of people will be out enjoying the water this summer. Butler’s goal is help you find a spot that’s safe for your family.

"We’re routinely at these sites every week and so we’ve built a big catalog of data that we can look back on kind of predict where we might see problems and then it also gives us an idea when something else is going on that we need to take a closer look at,” Butler said.

Water quality is monitored all summer long.

You can download the Swim Guide app and also receive water quality text alerts on your smartphone. You can view the latest Cahaba Riverkeeper Swim Guide results and sign up for email and text alerts here: https://www.cahabariverkeeper.org/swimguide/

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