Woodlawn community seeing revitalization

woodlawn restoration

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Woodlawn is one of Birmingham’s oldest communities. For years it was neglected, but now the area is seeing more interest in bringing business and home buyers to the community.

You can see a lot of old homes in Woodlawn. Some have been torn down while others are being restored. Many have signs saying those old homes are ready for renovation.

The Woodlawn Foundation was formed in 2010. Before the foundation formed that year, there wasn’t a building permit given for 20 years. Cottages and town homes are now being built.

In 2019, the foundation is hoping 50 new homes will be built or renovated. So what’s the key? A Birmingham city councilman said the community.

“It’s just like anything else without community buy in there is no way this works. You have to want people to move. There has to be a desire for people and new families to move into these neighborhoods for them to be viable,” said Birmingham City Councilman Hunter Williams.

Williams is crediting the city working with the Woodlawn Foundation along with the private sector and realtors to continue to take steps to bring the community back. It has a new mental health facility, Christ Health Center, a new bus stop is coming, and more homes are on the way.

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