Many teachers taking on extra jobs this summer

Teachers looking for summer jobs

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The school year is winding down and the kids aren’t the only ones looking for summer jobs.

Dr. Dashannikia Holston is one educator planning to supplement her income this summer.

"By doing a lot of professional developments,” said Holston. “I’ll be traveling across the state of Alabama offering sessions, some to deal with Classroom management, some sessions to deal with professional development in the educational setting.”

Holston teaches Language Arts and Social Studies to fifth graders in Fairfield. While she will be staying in the classroom this summer, she says many of her peers will seek secondary employment outside of education.

"Some of them at the YMCA, some of them are doing the Girls and Boys, Inc., so just several different places that they’ll be,” said Holston.

Most teachers don’t get large paychecks and many will tell you they don’t do it for the money.

In Alabama, the starting minimum base salary for a teacher is just over $39,000.

“Some of them have part time jobs, not only in the summertime, but during the school year as well,” said Holston.

There could be some relief though. The education budget still making its way through the legislature contains a 4% pay raise for teachers.

Most in the education community will tell you they’re grateful for that, but it can still be tough.

"You know it’s been difficult for a lot of us with trying to just create you know possibilities and opportunities for ourselves just to stay afloat,” said Holston.

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