Birmingham woman upset after SUV damaged by gunfire

B'ham woman upset after SUV damaged by gunfire

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A Birmingham mother of five is upset after she says someone fired bullets and damaged her SUV earlier this week. And she says this is the second time it’s happened.

Deleicia Harriel is naturally upset that this has happened again to her family. She says they don’t have a lot of money and they are looking for someone to help and put a stop to this.

Harriel’s SUV was damaged when someone shot and damaged her rear window, side window, and the other side of the SUV. She says the estimated cost to repair the damage is about $500.

Harriel lives in Tom Brown Village public housing on a fixed income.

Back in 2017, she says her father rented a car and someone shot it up so bad it caused $19,000 in damage. Insurance called it vandalism and would not cover it.

Harriel is blaming a nearby bar. She says people there get out of control and then it spills over into their community.

“I wanted to cry. I started crying. We work hard for everything we have, our possessions. And to have somebody to keep damaging and these folks who know who’s damaging it don’t want to take responsibility for it,” Harriel said.

Harriel said she may turn to the city council about shutting down the business.

The bar in question is the Eastside Lounge. The owner, who did not give WBRC his name, said he is not responsible for the damage to Harriel’s SUV.

“Total nonsense. I can not be responsible for another’s senseless act of violence. The club had nothing to do with it. It was stupid. It was unfortunate. I’m not the cause,” the owner said. He also said his car was damaged by a bullet.

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