Check this before installing WIFI cameras for home surveillance

Best practices for home surveillance

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Home security cameras are all the rage these days.

Cameras have gotten smaller, cheaper, and easier to use. But internet cameras, whether wired or wireless, may not always be keeping watch.

“Sometimes the internet, we have to call them [our provider] out probably once every two months because something is not working on it,” said neighbor Brenda who lives in Germania Park on the west side.

Brenda has service with a major internet/cable/ phone provider. She says she pays about $200 a month for a bundle deal.

“We’re supposed to have the fastest speed out,” said Brenda.

However, Brenda claims they still issues.

“The system goes out. It doesn’t take all your pictures. It bothers us because when the system goes down, his house isn’t being monitored,” Brenda said.

The impact home video surveillance has on WIFI speed depends on several factors including, the number of cameras used, the clarity of the video and number of pictures the camera shows each second.

These days with streaming, smart phones and social media competing to transfer data, your home network can become overloaded and cause systems to lag.

“When you’re paying to have your home monitored 24/7. you don’t want to have your pictures missing,” said Brenda.

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