Lots of development in Parkside. The only thing missing? Parking.

Parkside development

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -Practically everywhere you turn in Parkside, things are looking up.

“There’s a national trend towards more urbanism. A lot of people, especially young professionals, but even older professionals in some cases, are interested in moving into the city,” says Ty West with Birmingham Business Journal

According to West, Parkside has a lot going on.

“When Railroad Park opened, I remember people saying you know there’s going to be a lot of development that’s gonna come around this. But when the ball park opened up in 2013, that really got the ball rolling."

And it keeps coming. The Denham will house new apartments and retail space. Builders are planning a Baker’s Row 2, right behind the first one and a new hotel was just announced for the area. And that’s just the beginning.

“It’s really going to change the face of that district over the next five years,” says West.

And for the people who live here, life is great.

“alk around. Explore the city, just like you said, with the growth of new businesses and restaurants and things we like to basically see what all the buzz is about,” says Mariah Hunter.

“I go to a baseball game, maybe go to a brewery, go for a run,” says Neill Jones.

But what’s not in Parkside? Enough parking.

“Especially on a game night, it’s really hard to find parking and so that’s an inconvenience for me,” says Jones.

“It literally took us about five circles to find a space! They need like a parking deck, that’s what they need!” says George Mauricio.

But parking decks can easily cost several million dollars to build. West says property value in the area is skyrocketing, but if there’s nowhere to park, would people still come?

“You know when we talk to commercial real estate brokers about the future of Parkside, parking always comes up. There is a need, a significant need for more parking down there and that’s something that could be a limiting factor for the future of that development,” says West.

We did reach out to the city of Birmingham. They tell us they are keeping that in mind as they plan for the future of the downtown area.

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