Pharmacists not able to sell CBD oil yet

Pharmacists want right to sell CBD oil

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -Pharmacist Chris Henslee is most worried about folks taking CBD oil along with other medications without first consulting a doctor.

Right now, it’s legal to sell CBD oil at regular retail stores, but pharmacies are regulated by the Alabama Department of Public Health and they have not taken CBD off their controlled substance list yet. That’s because the FDA has not decided exactly how it will regulate CBD oil. Henslee says it’s important to know what you’re doing before buying any of it.

“The local teen at the convenient store has no idea about the drug interactions that can happen. There’s not many with the CBD products but there are some crucial ones with blood thinners, some anti-platelet drugs," says Henslee.

He says it's difficult when he sees his counterparts in other states helping others.

"They have patients coming in and saying hey, I've had depression forever, I'm taking this and now I feel like a brand-new person."

Plus, he believes it would lower the number of people on addictive pain medication.

“There’s people on a bunch of medication. They’re over medicated. Help them get off of this. Let 'em try it!”

The FDA is expected to hold a hearing near the end of May to discuss how to regulate CBD.

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