Navigating Tuscaloosa road improvements

Tuscaloosa road improvement project this weekend

Tuscaloosa, Ala. (WBRC) - Road crews pulled out detour signs to alert drivers that they’ll need to find another way to get around the area of Skyland Boulevard at I-59/20.

Willie Russell already dreads what’s to come.

"Well I think it's going to be a catastrophe, that's what I think. Why? just cause of the simple fact people are going to have to relocate themselves," Russell told WBRC.

Starting Friday night at 11pm and ending at 5am Monday morning, Skyland Boulevard, also called US 11, will shut down so crews can tear down the eastbound bridge along the interstate as part of an ongoing road improvement project.

"Message boards will go up there and law enforcement will be on site to assist motorists. The only thing you can't do is go directly under the interstate at Exit 76 on Skyland Boulevard," John McWilliams, an ALDOT spokesman confirmed.

Drivers can take highway 215 as an alternate route according to an ALDOT spokesman.

Russel doesn't look forward to a longer drive to and from work.

"Oh It’s going to affect me a lot cause I work here,” he explained.

McWilliams said they did something similar one exit up from this current project and didn’t experience any problems.

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