Mercedes Benz plant using temporary lots to store new vehicles

Mercedes vehicles parked in odd places

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - The growing number of cars parked inside a secluded Tuscaloosa County neighborhood is getting a lot of attention.

Chris Weaver laughed at the thought of a massive lot of new Mercedes near neighborhood in Big Sandy.

“Right now is actually kind of the worst case I’ve seen so far where there’s literally a backed up half a dozen trucks full of cars,” Weaver said.

New Mercedes Benz vehicles heading to temporary storage. (Source: WBRC staff)
New Mercedes Benz vehicles heading to temporary storage. (Source: WBRC staff) (Source: WBRC Staff)

There are more vehicles than you can count from Upper Hull Road.

And people in Glen Ridge neighborhood say it seems to be growing.

“It was probably an empty lot like two months ago. And then all the cars just showed up and I was like what are they doing here. It’s a long ways from the Mercedes plant,” Hannah Castille added.

It appears many, if not all, of those cars are Mercedes GLE models.

“That’s the worst part, no one has contacted us. No one from the company has contacted us,” Weaver concluded.

WBRC was given this statement from Daimler spokesperson when we contacted Tuscaloosa’s MBUSI plant about new cars being parked in temporary lots:

"The new Mercedes-Benz GLE had its production launch in late 2018, bringing a new driving experience to customers worldwide. The GLE Is based on an entirely new SUV-platform. We have worked to make our plant highly flexible, and the conversion of production to a completely new architecture is a big challenge. It is a challenge we are working to jointly master with both our existing and new suppliers.

This is the first time we have had a global launch for all markets (Europe, US and China) simultaneously and not a phased launch by markets. As a result, we are using a number of locations in the plant and off-site locations nearby for the storage of those vehicles as a temporary storage for our vehicles. Plant Tuscaloosa is building the GLE-, GLE Coupé- and GLS for customers worldwide. Two-thirds of these Alabama-built vehicles are being exported in nearly every country around the world."

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