Inmate stabbed at Calhoun County Jail

Inmate stabbed inside Calhoun County Jail

CALHOUN COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - A Calhoun County man is expected to leave the hospital after being stabbed in the county jail.

22-Year-Old Darian Thomas was stabbed several times, including once in the chest and once in the groin area.

He had been arrested for a probation violation, after being out for first-degree sodomy.

Sheriff Matthew Wade says Thomas had been removed from his cell after Thomas said he had several enemies in his unit.

Deputies searched his cell and found a shank.

Thomas was then placed in another area, and Wade said at no time did the inmate indicate any enemies were present.

“The victim was at the door of the cell, looking out through the hole, talking to somebody else, another inmate, when Austin Abernathy just came up from behind and attacked him, with a shank, and stuck him several times,” said Wade. “Once in his chest, and once in his upper leg, near his groin area.”

That led everyone to think an artery may have been nicked, Wade said, and correctional officers and nurses immediately descended upon the area.

Thomas was airlifted to a Birmingham hospital and is expected to be released Thursday or Friday.

The man accused of the stabbing was being held in the Etowah County and will be charged with attempted murder or first-degree assault.

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