How can we keep cars from crashing into buildings?

Preventing vehicle crashes into buildings

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - There have been several cases lately of vehicles crashing into businesses.

Monday alone there were two incidents; a car crashed into a fast food restaurant in Jasper and a van backed into a law office in Anniston.

Who could forget that 18-wheeler crashing into a Tarrant daycare in early April? Luckily, no one inside the building was injured and there were only minor injuries to those on the outside.

So is there anything that can be done to protect buildings from crashes like these?

"There are some businesses that are probably out away from a main road and have very little foot traffic coming in and out that probably would not benefit from any kind of a barrier,” said Clay Ingram, AAA Alabama.

However, Ingram also adds there are other types of businesses that might benefit.

For example, those positioned on a busy highway.

“Or if you know there is sort of a tricky traffic situation close by, maybe a red light that people run all the time, or a sharp curve in the road then that might be worth looking into,” said Ingram.

As for what type of guard rail or barrier might work, Ingram says that’s probably a question for someone like a traffic engineer.

Every situation is different and the usefulness and effectiveness of a barrier system would vary by circumstances.

“Being aware when you’re behind the wheel is just so important,” said Ingram.

Which is why he also adds that there is a bit of driver accountability that also comes into the equation.

“In a lot of those cases, it’s an older driver that gets the petals mixed up. But a lot of times too, we see distractions causing people to miss a red light or a stop sign or a curve in a road perhaps,” said Ingram.

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