Big improvements coming to troubled intersection in Shelby County

Work approved at busy intersection in Calera

SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The Shelby County commission is working with the city of Calera to clear up a big traffic jam.

Construction will soon start to improve the intersection of Shelby County 22 and Shelby County 12.

According to drivers like Ronald Abbott, traffic in the area has increased a lot. “I avoid that area at all times now because you can’t get through,” he explains.

With all the traffic, it’s hard for drivers to get onto County Road 22. “It will be a 10 minute wait sometimes and people are cutting out in front of you and blowing horns it’s scary,” Abbott explains.

Drivers are very grateful that is about to change. This week, the Shelby County commission approved a bid for a project that will improve that intersection.

In addition to aligning Smokey Road and Spring Creek Road, there will also be a traffic light installed.

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