B’ham mayor talks budget proposal at town hall meeting

Birmingham mayor presents budget at town hall meeting

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Mayor Randall Woodfin is proposing a $451 million budget.

Woodfin wants to focus on neighborhood revitalization. He has $14.2 million dedicated to things like paving new roads, filling potholes and tearing down blighted structures.

Another proposal in the budget is the Birmingham Promise, which has two parts: Allowing Birmingham high school seniors attend a 2- or 4-year college or university inside city limits for free. Those with the mayor’s office says they’ve set aside $2 million for the program. The second part of the promise is an apprenticeship program for high school juniors and seniors.

“Personally speaking when I graduated high school, I went off to college for awhile and had to stop and pursue my degree later because I could not afford to continue. So I feel like that’s the first thing that would be most important to me," says Central Park resident Tamika Richardson.

Mayor Woodfin also talked about a healthy food fund. He did say four grocery stores have said no to Birmingham because of concerns over theft and false claims of people slipping and falling in their stores. But the mayor’s staff says they have set aside $500,000 right now for incentives in hopes of luring a healthy food store to the area.

You can read more about Woodfin’s budget proposal here and read the full proposal here.

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