Neighbors sound off on possible concrete plant at town hall meeting

Concern over concrete plant proposal

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) -District 8 held their town hall meeting tonight. Among other things, the concrete plant rezoning was discussed.

Mayor Randall Woodfin told residents tonight they will not put economic growth above their health. The plant would be moved from 2nd Ave. S. near downtown to Fayette Ave. A rezoning would prevent the plant from being built there.

“People should know To change zoning that’s a process and it takes a minimum of 90 days, 3 months. So in that regards if the residents would like to see something changed or rezoned in this area they should continue to speak to their, not only councilor, but they should speak to the zoning committee,” says Mayor Randall Woodfin.

Residents have expressed their opposition to this plant being built--primarily over environmental and health concerns. City Councilor Steven Hoyt touched on it during the meeting.

“Pollutants travel. And so once it hits the wind, it can travel. You saw that, the plant is over in north Birmingham but it can travel all the way to Tarrant, is that right?” says Hoyt.

There was some discussion from residents that the area was already zoned because the land hadn’t been used in 20 years after the last factory left. People saying they don’t want to see history repeated.

“They rezoned that area! The last time the factory was there we had many people who died because of that factory. And to bring it back is a disservice to all the residents of Birmingham,” says one resident.

According to the mayor, Sherman Industries has not applied for any permits yet from the city. Hoyt did say that Mr. Sherman wants to sit down with him and talk all this out. Hoyt is also expected to propose a resolution to rezone the area at tomorrow’s meeting.

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