Neighbors fight back against crime in Pinson

Neighbors fighting back against thieves

PINSON, AL (WBRC) - After a rash of car break-ins in Pinson, some neighbors vowed to protect each other, refusing to live in fear.

Emily Moody said she happened to be in the right place at the right time on Oak Street, Wednesday night, when she claims she saw four men attempt to break into cars.

“I screamed ‘I’m calling the police’,” said Moody.

Moody said she went outside to take a smoke break when she noticed a black SUV driving down the road slowly.

"They stopped right there in the middle of the road. They just cut their lights off. All the doors flew open and they were at it. Like, they knew what they were doing," Moody said.

She said four men got out of the SUV and headed for her neighbors’ driveways.

"I stood there for a moment to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing," Moody said of her disbelief. "They split off into groups of two. They literally went straight for the driveways." Moody said she screamed at the unknown people that she was calling the police.

"I heard for sure one of them say, ‘Oh crap... the other word... we got to get out of here," Moody recalled. She said the unknown people, whom she said it was too dark to identify, quickly got back in the SUV and drove away.

That same night, on Sleepy Hollow Drive, just four miles away, Lucky Pruitt and several of his neighbors’ cars were broken into. "I opened the driver’s side door and it was full of glass. The passenger seat and the driver’s seat. Glass was all over the ground," Pruitt said.

Pruitt’s Cadillac CTS was one of at least seven cars hit that night. Pruitt said his 9mm pistol that was inside the car was taken.

What’s even more concerning for Pruitt, he nor his neighbors heard anything unusual.

Pruitt says it’s going to cost about $300 to have his window replaced.

To prevent the area from being overrun with crime, neighbors are banding together.

"We already talked about it and everything, we're all going to get cameras," Pruitt said. "It makes me feel good to know we're all trying to come together for something that's right," Moody said.

No suspects have been arrested.

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