Pelham Library becomes sensory friendly facility

Pelham Library certified 'sensory inclusive'

PELHAM, AL (WBRC) - On Thursday, workers at the Pelham Library were busy hanging signs to ensure that all library guests feel safe and comfortable.

Mary Campbell is the Pelham Library Director and she says they have partnered with KultureCity to make some changes to their building.

“We were interested in becoming one of those facilities because we love our community and want to serve everyone in our community and that means people with sensory sensitivity as well,” Campbell explains. “Sensory sensitivity impacts more people than you might think. “So it’s not just people with autism, but people with down syndrome, PTSD, dementia, so it might not be even someone who was born with this disorder, maybe something that happens later in life.”

With help from KultureCity, all the staff is now trained on how to best assist all people when they come in. “First of all, the staff is trying to recognize it and to understand that people may be different and behave differently,” Campbell explains.

Certain areas in the library are designated quiet zones in case someone in sensitive to loud noises. The library is also equipped with sensory bags that include noise canceling headphones. It also has cards that help those that are nonverbal communicate their needs. All of this can be found at the front desk.

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