Measles haven’t been much of a threat in Alabama, so far

Measles haven’t been much of a threat in Alabama, so far

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Measles continues to spread elsewhere across the country, but so far, there hasn’t been much of a threat in Alabama.

“We remain with the one presumptive positive we have from St. Clair County, Alabama. We are awaiting additional testing,” Dr. Karen Landers with the Alabama Public Health Department said.

Dr. Landers said there was an initial delay getting the test of the infant in St. Clair County to the CDC in Atlanta, but now they are just waiting. There were 250 investigations, but most of those were dismissed as not measles and the public should not worry.

“We are close to 200. We had about 80 percent open investigations as of yesterday. Let’s say just because we have investigations, it does not mean those are cases,” Landers said.

While some may be concerned the infant in St. Clair County could have spread the measles, to date there is no evidence of any spread.

“We provide information regularly. Activities, the person should not move about the community. Should not go to other places until such time we have additional testing,” Landers said

The pluses for Alabama - we are a highly vaccinated state. This will cut down on the possible spread of measles, but health officials can not rule it out.

“We certainly can have a case of measles in the state of Alabama if we have a person not vaccinated, is exposed somewhere else and comes into the state of Alabama,” Landers said.

Landers adds, so far, the Alabama public is not panicking. They are asking questions and follow up questions about how to protect their family and children.

If you have any questions, check with your doctor.

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