Amazon robotic fulfillment center bringing 1,500 jobs to Bessemer

First Look at Amazon Fulfillment Center

BESSEMER, AL (WBRC) - Bessemer is closer to landing 1,500 jobs. On Thursday, Amazon opened up its 855,000 square foot robotic fulfillment center for a tour with area officials.

The massive Amazon robotic fulfillment center will house 1,500 employees working with hundreds of robots. The facility will be the first robotic fulfillment center in Alabama.

“I consider it poetry in motion. We have so much technology that works in unison with our associates that will help do them do their jobs efficiently and safely,” Robert Packett, Regional Director of Amazon said.

Products will be moved from one area of the massive building to packing and then shipping quickly on conveyors. “We have the ability to ship hundreds of thousands of units every single day, employee initially 1,500 people. We have over 22 miles of conveyance,” Robert Packett, Regional Director of Amazon said.

Mayor Kenneth Gulley said again the new facility will be a major plus for Bessemer. “It’s going to make a difference for the city of Bessemer. If you think we are a city of 28,000. To bring in 1,500 jobs. It’s going to be a game changer,” Gulley said.

Once Amazon announces they are ready to start accepting applications, the city of Bessemer will get the word out. “Job opportunities will be held in Bessemer at the Civic Center and our park and recreational facility as well,” Jesse Matthews, President of the Bessemer City Council said.

Amazon will encourage people to go to their website and take a survey of the type of jobs they would want. “Anyone who wants to be a part of our facility as we want to be a part of the community can apply. Find a schedule that works for them and we will put them through a comprehensive training,” Packett said.

Workers will start off at $15 an hour with full benefits.

Amazon hopes to have the center up and running in 2020 - exactly when will depend on customer demand. “I’m ready to cut the ribbon. I’m ready for people to go to work,” Mayor Kenneth Gulley of Bessemer said.

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