JeffCo crews repair line, eliminate smell of human waste taking over Hoover neighborhood

Woman says smell from creek invading home

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - UPDATE: Jefferson County has fixed the issued. A spokesperson for the county said the problem was a damaged manhole that was partially blocking the sewage line.

ORIGINAL: A smelly situation in Hoover, a homeowner called on WBRC FOX6 News to help her find the source of a stench taking over her neighborhood.

Megan Miles said she can’t use her backyard or open her windows and windows at her Whispering Pines Circle home due to the smell.

“Think about the swamp lands. It just smells like stagnant old water,” said Miles.

Miles has lived in the home for three years. About two weeks ago the smell started to and she says has gotten worse.

“My best guess would be sewage,” Miles said.

Miles believed raw sewage was leaking into the creek.

“Now it’s murky. And, typically this is 100% clear,” said Miles.

Miles said the smell also creeps into her home forcing her to keep the windows and doors shut.

“Nightmares of thinking about how long will this go on? How long will I have to go shut up in my house without being able to go and enjoy my backyard,” said Miles. “With sewage, that’s organic matter that could be spreading diseases, not just to our backyards, but to the Cahaba River eventually. So, just thinking about the wildlife that’s impacted, the neighbors that are impacted, it’s a lot bigger than my backyard.”

We took those questions to the city of Hoover. A spokesperson says the sewage line belongs to Jefferson County.

Jefferson County says they take these matters seriously and if the issue is under their jurisdiction, they will investigate, then fix the problem.

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