Hoover Met hosts first-ever Cricket Tournament

The sport of cricket

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Baseball season may be in full swing, but on Saturday the sport Cricket, took over the Hoover met, and it’s more than just a game for Aditya Yenigalla.

“I love Cricket because it’s been part of our culture for so long in India,” said cricket player Aditya Yenigalla.

Cricket, a sport that first originated in England in the 1600s and spread across the world, is similar to baseball except for the outs, the scoring and there’s only two bases.

“Unlike in baseball, you don’t get struck out, you keep playing until you get out, and one of the most popular ways is to hit the wickets which is behind you,” said Balaji Barabhan, founder of Birmingham Cricket Club.

“If they hit it out of the park then it is counted as six runs where as in baseball, it’s just a home run,” added Subbu Bodem, director of Birmingham Cricket Club.

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world to soccer. The players believe anyone can play, but the hardest part of the game is your strategy.

“It’s more of an internal battle, so once you calm yourself, you can feel the ball better, see the ball better, catch better and feel better,” said Yenigalla.

Eight teams and more than 90 cricket players played in Hoover’s first-ever Cricket Tournament on Saturday at the Hoover Met, an event they hope spreads awareness for the sport.

“It’s a family atmosphere, it’s fun if you want to come in and watch the game, the atmosphere is great, this is a great sport,” said Bodem.

The Hoover Met hopes to host a regional cricket tournament next year.

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