Tuscaloosa Co. adopts new bullying policy

Tuscaloosa County Schools updating bullying policy

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Alabama's new bullying policy is named after Jamari Terrell Williams.

He was a 10th grader from Montgomery who committed suicide after being bullied. Tuscaloosa County is one of many school systems around the state adopting ideas in this state plan to make it harder for bullying to happen in our public schools.

The word bullying replaced harassment in the new policy the Tuscaloosa County School Board is considering.

Now multiple instances of one student bullying another will be seen as a pattern that can be addressed several ways.

"We want to create an environment where each student can come to school and he or she feel safe. It's of my opinion they will be academically inclined to do their best," according to Greg Hurst.

Hurst is Director of Student Services for Tuscaloosa County Schools.

He added cyber bullying and bullying that happens off campus but affects the school setting would be included in the new policy.

If approved by the School Board, when instances of bullying are documented, a teacher would no longer fill out the form on what happened, the student being bullied or their parent would do that.

“We try to meet with the bully and the student who was bullied either through peer mediation or through counseling,” Hurst concluded.

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