UAB Hospital offers new service to help patients find their way

UAB offers new mapping app

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - If you have ever been down to UAB hospital, you know the campus is big, and finding parking can be a challenge.

Hospital administrators knew that too, and wanted to find a way to help patients and their families feel more at ease, so they launched a new navigating app, called “UAB Medicine Wayfinder”

“Certainly we have great maps and great people who guide you where you need to go, but so many people are accustomed to using technology today so we wanted to be one of the first in the nation to deploy a digital way finding system,” explains UAB Hospital’s Vice President of Clinical Operations, Jordan DeMoss.

The free app uses Bluetooth technology to offer indoor and outdoor turn-by-turn directions guiding patients from clinics to doctors appointments, and even to find a coffee or grocery store nearby. It will also keep track of where you parked!

“This is a great device to be able to drop a pin where you park, we have multiple parking decks and lots, so this is a way you can remember where you park, and navigate back to that spot,” explains DeMoss.

UAB teamed up with Connexient to create the system, and is one of the first hospitals in the country to offer the service.

“We have been a leader, we are also one of the largest places in the country. It’s a critical point for us so our patients and families can navigate their healthcare and are not worried about where they are going, but about getting the care they need,” says DeMoss.

There is a desk top version too which allows users to print out a paper map with directions if they prefer. Guest services can also use the app to print maps for those who don’t have a personal device.

“It’s scary to come to the hospital, and it’s especially scary to come to a big urban campus like UAB, we wanted to make it that much easier for our patients and their families and take that worry out of their care,” says DeMoss.

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