Tuscaloosa Co. Commission agrees to bus survey

New bus routes possible in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The Tuscaloosa County Commission agreed to pay for a survey to determine how much of a need is there for more public transportation outside of urban areas in Tuscaloosa County.

The request came during Wednesday's Tuscaloosa County Commission meeting.

The Tuscaloosa Transit Authority is considering adding an exploratory route in West Tuscaloosa County. If a high number of respondents to the survey say it’s needed, the Tuscaloosa County Commission could agree to pay for a bus and a handicap accessible van for people along that new route.

“Going into this area, it’s more in the county. We’re more in our urban areas now. So there are a number of people who requested this, ADA, elderly, that do not have access to public transportation,” Russell Lawrence, Director of the Tuscaloosa Transit Authority, told WBRC.

That survey would go out in September of this year.

If the plan is approved by the county commission, the federal government would come up with 85 per cent of funding for those new vehicles, the county commission would be responsible for the remaining 15 per cent.

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