Lawn equipment stolen in Hoover neighborhood

Lawn equipment stolen in Hoover neighborhood
(Source: WBRC)

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Hoover police say they are investigating after someone stole and attempted to steal lawn equipment.

The incidents happened Wednesday in the Russet Woods neighborhood.

Police say it’s a good reminder not leave equipment unattended.

“It’s just that overall awareness. And just if you were to look around your house right now, what looks good to a criminal? If you have nothing laying around, then they’ll move on to the next house and next neighborhood,” said Hoover police officer Brian Hale.

Tips from Hoover Police:


  • try to confront suspicious persons - ever
  • put yourself in harm’s way by “trying to get a tag number” or attempting to take video/photo of suspicious activity or persons
  • leave lawn equipment laying around your property


  • call police immediately if you see something/someone that is suspicious
  • give dispatch a good location, vehicle description and direction of travel
  • write down makes/models/serial numbers for equipment
  • pay attention to your equipment, even if you are home and actually doing work in the yard!
  • pay attention to unknown vehicles driving slowly/unnaturally through the neighborhood possibly scouting things out

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