Jefferson Co. to spend $43 million preventing bad smell in Hoover

JeffCo sewer improvement to fix bad smell

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Good news for some folks living in Hoover. Jefferson County is stepping up efforts to eliminate a foul odor in some neighborhoods.

Hoover continues to attract homeowners and businesses, but a foul smell coming from a Jefferson County Treatment Plant is not making that easy.

“For years we have been hearing from our residents about odors in certain parts of the city. Al Sier Road, Highway 150, Shades Crest and Stadium Trace Parkway,” Hoover City Councilman John Lyda said.

Jefferson County’s Cahaba Waste Treatment Plant is in the Riverchase area. It is causing problems, especially during the summer when it’s dry.

“The sewer sludge remains in the pipe and the odor rises if there is not wind to dissipate it. It settles and creates a terrible odor,” Jefferson County Commission President Jimmie Stephens said.

The county plans to spend $43 million at the Cahaba plant and at the Chapel Road plant to prevent the odor from escaping. The county has already spent millions replacing carbon filters at the plants for venting into the air.

The nickname "Poover " is something no one likes.

“No, if you have every experienced this sewer odor in the municipality of Hoover it’s not funny,” Stephens said.

While Hoover leaders have complained for years about the problem to the county, they welcome the county’s help now.

“So the level of cooperation we have seen from Commissioner Stephens and the rest of the Commission to be willing to invest that kind of money into infrastructure is impressive and appreciated,” Lyda said.

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