Superhero cleaning ladies are on a mission from the heart

Cleaning Ladies take profession to heart

ONEONTA, AL (WBRC) -From Oneonta to Birmingham and beyond in the state of Alabama Adrianne Holston and Autumn Jiles of Clean Heart Cleaning Services are on a mission; that is to clean and give back.

“We have been blessed with so much,” said Adrianne Holston. “We want to help people in so many ways, but we also want people to know we are more than just a cleaning lady.”

“This is a business to us,” said Autumn Jiles. “We provide a service, not just grab a mop and clean. There is more to it and we want people to know about it.”

Clean Heart is part of a national movement, “Not Just Another Cleaning Lady,” that is sweeping the country. The company is also about community and is on a mission to just not clean peoples homes, but also help those in need. Clean Heart Cleaning Services is located at 509 Jackson Avenue West, Oneonta, Alabama 35121. Anyone interested can view the Clean heart Facebook page or contact Adrianne 205-835-6036 and/or Autumn 205-370-2265.

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