Piedmont reaches agreement to shelter strays, considers animal registration

Piedmont reaches agreement to shelter strays, considers animal registration
(Source: WBRC)

PIEDMONT, AL (WBRC) - Piedmont’s City Council has reached a solution for its stray dog problem.

But now they just need a way to pay for it.

City leaders are considering having people register their dogs and cats at city hall.

That’s just one proposed solution as the city council recently approved an agreement with the Calhoun County Animal Shelter to drop off stray animals for $1,500 per month.

However, Mayor Bill Baker says animal registration is at this point is just an idea, not a plan. He hopes to have a plan soon.

“One of the councilmen brought up the fact that maybe we could help offset that expense by doing some things like registration. Let me point out too, this is all just brainstorming right now. We have not come up with any plan whatsoever except, pick our dogs up and carry them to the shelter,” Baker said. “Thank goodness we can get some of these strays off the street, that will, I know, make our neighbors happy, and also be a benefit to the animals running around loose, probably going without proper housing, proper meals, that sort of thing,” Baker said.

For awhile, the city had no place to take stray animals so city workers couldn't pick them up.

City leaders this week hired a new animal control officer, who picked up her first seven dogs Wednesday and took them to the animal shelter.

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