Northport to consider sales tax increase

Northport sales tax increase proposal

NORTHPORT, AL (WBRC) - This week, the Northport City Council heard a proposal for a one-cent sales tax increase. It would match its neighbor city Tuscaloosa, but it wouldn’t include reducing or eliminating sales and use taxes on groceries.

If the tax passes, leaders say the city could get an additional $5 million.

We’re told the money could go towards infrastructure or transportation projects.

We got mixed reaction from residents. Some residents tell us they already pay enough in taxes.

"I think that they should not raise the taxes because like I said, we're living paycheck to paycheck and its hard right now,” Wendy Hopkins, who lives in Northport said.

Mayor Donna Aaron says she doesn’t like taxes more than anybody else, but she says you have to be realistic and if you want to see improvements, taxes may be the way to go.

No word yet on when the city could vote on it.

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