Neighbors concerned about the future of Cosby Lake in Clay

Cosby Lake cleanup effort in Clay

CLAY, AL (WBRC) - Some neighbors complain Cosby Lake is not in good shape and the city of Clay may not spend the money needed to fix it.

Issues with trash, drainage, and upkeep had some concerned about the lake’s future.

Cosby Lake is a man-made, 50-year-old body of water used regularly for fishing, exercise, and events.

“We come three or four times a week,” said John Wayne Herman.

Herman proposed to his wife, Fern, at the park three years ago.

“I think it’s beautiful. It’s very peaceful and a wonderful place as far as I am concerned,” Herman added.

Herman said the park is looking better these days. “We did have some scum last year on the lake,” said Herman. “But, I don’t think that was anyone’s fault except we had so many cloudy days we didn’t have enough sun to burn it off.”

However, some neighbors complained the lake could look better. Several neighbors took to social media to voice concerns about trash, drainage issues, and upkeep. One person said garbage and silt is preventing the lake from draining and refilling, making some areas shallow. Fixing the lake could cost a lot of money and time.

The federal Corporation of Engineers is requiring the city to do more testing on the lake’s structure. That testing could take at least a year. With the city proposing new features for the park, some are concerned money designated to improving the lake will be spent elsewhere.

Mayor Charles Webster sent WBRC FOX6 News this statement:

“We have $1.1 million in reserved funds. If the Cosby lake project gets approval, we will be able to do the project. The building of tennis courts and splash pad will not interfere at all with the Cosby lake project moving forward.”

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