City leaders supportive of anti-vaping bill

Bill for vaping regulations to protect kids

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A bill making its way through the Alabama legislature that would place restrictions on vaping products is gaining support among Birmingham metro area leaders.

They say it will help protect teenagers from the products.

"And I felt like this is something that we would all have a concern for, because everyone wants to protect their children,” said Kimberly Cook, Vestavia Hills City Council.

Which is why Vestavia Hills, many other over the mountain communities, and Birmingham have passed resolutions supporting House Bill 41.

It would require the ABC Board to regulate the sales of alternative nicotine devices and prohibit the sale of those products to minors.

“I’ve talked to other parents, whose kids are vaping and they say my child went into a gas station, and he walked right in. He clearly doesn’t look like he’s 30 years old. No id check, nothing,” said Cook.

The support is coming from a newly formed councilor round table, which brings together representatives from Vestavia Hills, Hoover, Mt. Brook, Homewood, Birmingham, and the Jefferson County Commission.

“The parents want the city, the state, to be able to enforce the age,” said Cook.

Cook added this would help stop problems before they start.

“We feel like if our children can get out of high school without vaping, they’ll have a much greater chance of getting thru college without becoming addicted to nicotine,” she said.

The bill has passed the house with heavy support and now goes to the senate.

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