Reporting crime in Cullman County just got easier

New way to report crime in Cullman Co.

CULLMAN COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - If you know a crime is being committed, you can now make an anonymous tip to the Cullman County Sheriff’s office by sending a text.

Sheriff Matt Gentry announced an upgrade to his office’s Nixle program on Tuesday. Before now, the sheriff’s office could send you alerts on crime, traffic issues and other safety concerns, but deputies couldn’t receive information from you. That changes with this Nixle upgrade. You can now send them tips by texting or going through the sheriff’s office website.

“A lot of people are nervous to give information,” explained Gentry. “Whether it’s on a drug dealer, somebody that’s breaking into homes, whether it’s somebody abusing children, so we want to make it as easy and painless for that person as we can.”

Cullman County's Sheriff announced an upgrade to his office's Nixle program.
Cullman County's Sheriff announced an upgrade to his office's Nixle program. (Source: Kenneth Smith WBRC)

Gentry said to be part of the Nixle program, you need to text 25sheriff to 888777 to opt-in. Once you have done that you will get alerts from the sheriff’s office, and you can send them a text reporting a crime. Gentry said no one at the sheriff’s office will see your number.

“It’s like a 3rd party information flow to us. It’s coming through Nixle to us, which means your number is hidden,” said Gentry.

Once you submit a tip, you will be given a passcode. Gentry said it is important that you keep that code because you’ll need it to update information on that tip. If you don’t want to send a text, you can also submit a tip through Nixle by going to

Gentry stressed that if you are witnessing an active crime or involved in an emergency, you need to call or text 911 instead of going through the Nixle system.

“This is a program that is used for an information flow,” explained Gentry. “911 is what we want you to do in active situation.”

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