Newly elected Gadsden city school board sworn into office

New Gadsden school board members sworn in

GADSDEN, AL (WBRC) - Gadsden’s newly elected school board is now in office. The new board members were elected in a special election on April 9.

Voters went to the polls earlier this year to decide they wanted to elect the school board. Previously, board members were appointed by the city council.

Adrienne Reed, Nathan Carter, Andre Huff, Mike Haney, Nancy Stewart, and Allen Millican were each sworn in during the Gadsden City Council meeting moments after the council ratified the votes from last week’s election. Mark Dayton wasn’t available for the noon meeting and wasn’t expected to be sworn in until Tuesday night’s school board meeting at Gadsden City High School.

Three incumbents were sworn in: Andre Huff, Mike Haney and Nancy Stewart. Huff ran unopposed for District 3 and was declared the winner immediately after qualifying ended.

Reed, who grew up in the school system and has a child in school, tells us she considered it a duty to run for office.

“I’ve never aspired for any sort of elected office in my life, but I just felt like I had a skill set and an ability to communicate and an ability to operate with finesse and diplomacy,” Reed said.

Nathan Carter of District 2 says his own decision to run was made in conjunction with his family.

“I always had compassion for children, and being a father myself, wanted to give back to the community,” said Carter.

District 7 representative Allen Millican, who worked for years as an attorney and later became Etowah County’s presiding circuit court judge, said his family also influenced his decision to come out of retirement and push for an elected school board last year, then run for office.

“I’ve got selfish interests, I have three grandkids who are in the school system,” Millican said. “And I want to make sure that they have the best resources and the best education that’s possible.”

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