Leeds residents struggling with flooding issues

Flooding in Leeds damages cars

LEEDS, AL (WBRC) - Some Leeds residents are struggling to find ways to get to work and home again after heavy rains caused flooding Sunday morning.

It was early Sunday morning and Kristina Jackson came out to check on her white Honda.

“Looked outside and all of our cars were up to the hood with water,” Jackson said

Jackson’s car turns on but she is not convinced it’s safe. Her neighbor, James Storey, said his Honda was knocked out of commission.

“I’m pretty sure it’s a total loss. I already went a head and bought anew car to replace it. I don’t ever to expect it to run again,” Storey said

The pair said they have now been told this is a regular area for flooding, something they did not know when they moved in to the town homes.

“Someone actually came form the city and they said they rely on a sinkhole over here to pickup whatever would flood this area. So once that sink hole fills up there is no where else for the water to go,” Jackson said.

Mayor David MIller said the city has no storm drains in the area. This area was built before regulations required storm drains.

People here are looking for new cars, hitching rides or paying for rides. There is the threat of more rain Thursday.

“I’m not parking anywhere near this place. I will walk if I have to,” Jackson said

Some are hoping to move out before the next heavy rain.

“If I can get out of my lease. I will consider it. That would be only reason to stay here if they would take legal action with me,” Storey said.

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