Hoover residents upset about possible new roads

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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) -Hoover City Councilors got an earful from angry residents Monday night.

Council members say, though, it’s all a misunderstanding.

The public came to the meeting begging the city not to develop a street that would cut through their neighborhood. This all stemmed from people complaining that there weren’t enough ways for traffic to travel out of Trace Crossings in Hoover.

So, In the 2019 budget, the city funded $500,000 for a study to find various ways out of the neighborhood. The public works committee met and talked about the options.

There were five presentations with about 20 variations. Folks started worrying that this was a done deal. However, city councilors want to make it clear those were just designs, not a proposal.

“Everything that’s presented is a line on a paper, a line on a map, and not a final product that’s going to be voted on by the city council for funding,” says Hoover City Councilman Curt Posey.

Posey says they’ll possibly hold another public works meeting about different ideas, but will put any ideas before the public before voting.

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