Storm cleanup continues in Shelby County

Storm cleanup in Shelby County

SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - It was a busy day for homeowners cleaning up after Sunday’s storms impacted the Narrow Reach subdivision in Shelby County. The storm hit about 4 a.m. Sunday Morning.

“Just heard boom, boom. Jumped up, ran to get my daughter. Just started screaming her name. Just from there, tried to figure out what was going on,” Jazmyne Marion said.

When the sun came up, Marion saw extensive damage to her town home and her neighbor’s next door. “We had rain running into the house. After we heard the boom boom, we heard water pouring from upstairs. Water started leaking into my bedroom,” Marion said.

Across the street, a big tree came down, smashing a Jeep. Down the street, William Mullings also had to deal with down trees.

“There was a large tree on my fence and the gutters right there. That was the only damage. It did blow some screens off the back porch,” Mullings said.

Behind the homes, a walking path was covered with downed trees.

Nearby, North Shelby Baptist Church had a sign damaged. There was also roof damage. Despite the damage, the church still held services Sunday morning.

Monday was a day of recovery and cleanup for the neighborhood. It was also a day of being thankful.

“It was nothing compared to the damage in Mississippi and Texas. We got off very easy,” Mullings said.

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