EMA encourages residents to be prepared during unpredictable weather systems

Updated: Apr. 8, 2019 at 10:55 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Monday’s severe weather continued what has been days of an unpredictable weather system.

There has been hail in one part of the state and a Tornado in Blount County.

“Any storms that do fire up have the potential to become severe and there is a tornado risk with the storms as well,” said Jefferson County EMA Officer Melissa Sizemore.

She said it’s a weather system like we’ve haven’t seen in a while. Sizemore said the system’s unpredictability was discussed at a briefing this morning.

“It’s a tropical air mass. It’s a very widespread, scattered thunderstorms event. It’s not our normally expected line of storms with discrete cells ahead of the line. As this is a little bit different in regards to severe weather than what we normally see,” Sizemore explained.

Over the last few days and even hours we’ve seen this weather system produce some major damage across central Alabama.

"We had hail in north western Alabama that was two inches. We’ve seen some damaging wind reports throughout central Alabama. So, it’s very much stay abreast on the situation and kind of expect the unexpected,” she continued

That means be prepared. The threat of potential bad weather can linger throughout the night and into the morning. Sizemore said make sure you can get a notification that can wake you up.

"When we have storms that occur overnight people are sleeping and it’s a lot harder for people to receive those notifications overnight. So, I always make sure you have a way of receiving notifications when you’re sleeping,” said Sizemore.

She also encourages you to make sure your weather radio is ready to go.

“Have it turned on and it’s properly programmed. Make sure they have other ways of receiving notifications,” says Sizemore.

The EMA Office also has the Ever Bridge System that can send alerts about severe weather directly to your phone.

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