Sparks fly during Welding Day at Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy

Tuscaloosa welding students work in front of pros

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Sparks flew as hot metal heated up during the 5th annual Welding Day at the Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy.

“We take a lot of pride in it because every day we’re in here, it’s like we’re on a work day. We’re not just in here. We’re not playing around,” Megan Coleman said.

More than 40 students participated in the event.

Participants worked alone, or sometimes in pairs or groups, showing representatives from several Tuscaloosa-area companies what they’ve learned in welding class.

“We get to show off in front of industry and that just doesn’t get to happen very much,” Levi Nelson said.

Students also competed in six different welding competitions.

“It’s a chance to celebrate the hard work of the students. They’ve spent the whole year just developing their craft,” said welding instructor Matt Freeman.

Welding isn’t just to pass time for many of these students. They not only have a passion for it, they see it as a future career.

“It’s great cause like when they see that you’ve got the skills and they know you can do it, they know I can stay looking at him or her, and they’ll be like yeah, I’m going to get him or her a job,” Coleman said.

Students competed for prizes donated by the companies who sponsored Friday’s Welding Day event.

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