Brighton Mayor Addresses Bingo Halls Operating in the City

“If you want to play bingo, you play bingo. If you don’t, stay home,”
Updated: Apr. 2, 2019 at 10:39 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Two charitable bingo halls have opened in Brighton.

“If you want to play bingo , you play bingo . If you don’t, stay home,” said Brighton Mayor Eddie Cooper.

He addressed what has been a hot topic in the city, bingo.

Cooper said the State Attorney General’s Office has asked for information on the two bingo halls , but Cooper said he wasn’t voluntarily complying. Today, he said the city was subpoenaed for that information .

“The Attorney General’s Office wanted to see our paperwork concerning charity bingo and we gave them what we have on each person that has a charity bingo in the city of Brighton. So, they came in and they had subpoenas because they want information that we felt was private and privileged and we were not just releasing it to anybody,” Cooper explained.

Cooper said Brighton has had a bingo ordinance for years and was one of the first municipalities in the state to draft one. He said over the years the ordinance has evolved.

WBRC asked if the city has already received funding from the bingo operations , Cooper said yes, but wouldn’t say how much. Cooper explained how some of the funding is collected.

“We require the licensing and fees and the number of bingo machines that you have in your business, those fees have to be paid upfront before you were able to operate,” he continued.

Cooper said that funding is helping the city stay a float

“Those businesses support this city 100 percent. They not only pay their license and fees and their machine fees but they may also give to the volunteer fire departments,” said Cooper.

Cooper said when it comes to the community support the feelings are mixed. He said some people disagree, but there has been an overwhelming amount of support.

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