Tow truck driver hit, injured while helping driver on side of Highway 280

Tow truck driver hit, injured on Highway 280

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A Weil Wrecker Service driver was seriously injured after a car slammed into him while he was helping someone on the side of Highway 280.

The company is asking for prayers for the driver and his family as he remains in the hospital.

The manager, Steven Weil, said it happened Thursday when the driver was helping a woman change her tire.

Photo of Thursday's incident
Photo of Thursday's incident

That’s when someone hit the tow truck driver and the back of her car.

Weil said this is yet another example of why it’s the law to move over and slow down.

Steven Weil
Steven Weil

“Move over, slow down, give us room," Weil said. "Like I say, we want to go home to our families and I want all our employees to be safe doing their job to help the motoring public.”

Weil said there have been two wrecker drivers killed in Alabama within the last couple years.

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