Smithfield neighbors ask JeffCo Sheriff for help to fight crime

Smithfield neighbors meet with sheriff

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - No one wants crime in their neighborhood and neighbors in Smithfield want officers and deputies to make it stop.

"The sheriff and police department are our main resources,” said Smithfield neighbor Bertha Manning.

Those are resources Manning and neighbors like her said they want to see more of. They brought their concerns to a town hall meeting Thursday afternoon. Their concerns ranged from police visibility and accessibility to activities for young people. These were all concerns the Sheriff’s Office is addressing and already implementing.

"We have a lot of deputies that live in the Birmingham jurisdiction and many of them are on patrol in county vehicles. When we are there, we are present, and we can act. That is a benefit of having a take home car,” explained Jefferson County Sheriff Captain David Agee.

Housing Authority CEO Michael Lundy said this is just the start of their partnership with the Sheriff’s Office and Birmingham Police. He said they started talks of collaboration efforts a couple months ago.

"Both are very interested in the public safety of Birmingham. They’ve both expressed interest in providing the best public safety for the housing authority,” said Lundy.

Those efforts are coming after a triple shooting in the middle of the day at the Smithfield housing community back in December. One of those victims died. Neighbors said things have calmed down some, but it’s time for everyone to step up.

"You have to be a resource for yourself also. You have to look out. If you see something, say something. Don’t be afraid,” said Manning.

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